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Charlye & Co. is One!

We are one! Charlye & Co. has come along way since its beginnings in June 2019! Thank you so much to all our customers and supporters on our journey! To show our appreciation, we have a series of events installed for you!

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Charlye & Co., fashion e-commerce that sells earrings first anniversary celebration

Our Story

The Beginning

Charlye & Co. was born in June 2019 as Curlery Shop. It was an idea started by two good friends from junior college, Lihui and Phuong, after completed their International Baccalaureate Diploma. They were exploring different things to while waiting to matriculate into university and thought of creating an inspirational fashion brand that teaches young people to love themselves and empower them. That is when the two young adults created Curlery Shop as an Instagram Shop. The name "Curlery Shop" allude to Phuong's curly hair which she did not like as a child and sets a reminder to love ourselves.

Friends from St Joseph Insitution, Lihui and Phuong, Co-Founders of Charlye & Co.

Friends, Lihui and Phuong who started Curlery Shop 

(As of October 2019, Phuong has left for university in the USA and is no longer working on Charlye & Co. Regardless, our team at Charlye & Co is grateful for Phuong and her contributions. All the best Phuong!)

First Pitch Competition

In January 2020, Curlery Shop was given the opportunity to join River Hong Bao(RHB) Hacks 2020 organised by Mapletree and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. RHBHacks is a business challenge designed for youths which aims to foster youth entrepreneurship and increase awareness & participation of youths at RHB 2020. 

Curlery Shop was one of the 9 finalists which pitched at the competition on 2nd January 2020 in front of judges and had the opportunity to share about Curlery Shop to Mr Hong Tat Chee, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education of Singapore. 

Charlye & Co. at River Hong Bao Hacks 2020 presenting to Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education of Singapore

Curlery Shop at River Hong Bao Hacks 2020


To better reflect our friendly and cheerful brand image, Curlery Shop officially rebranded as Charlye & Co. in January 2020. Charlye is the name of our Cat Mascot.

Charlye & Co. mascot Charlye & Cecelia

 Charlye & Co. mascot Charlye & Cecelia

Charlye & Co. official banner

Our Charlye & Co. official banner featuring Felise (@feliseeeee)

Empowering youths

Charlye & Co. believes in the concept of self-love and creates a community where young women can showcase their talents. Hence, we launched our Charlye Ambassador (#Charlyefamilyinitiative, where we showcase every day young girls in hopes of motivating young girls everywhere to embrace their strengths and flaws.

Charlye & Co. Ambassador (#CharlyeFamily)
Some of our Charlye Ambassadors (#CharlyeFamily) 


To inspire girls and women to pursue their dreams and aspirations, we also launched our "Girls Unite" series where we interview and share stories of inspiring women from different industries.

Charlye & Co. Girls Unite Issue 4. Achieving Dreams as a Young Mother

Our 4th Issue of Girl's Unite

Giving back to the Community

Charlye & Co. believes in giving back to the local community. We regularly partner with local non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness for their respective causes. 

In January 2020, we launched a fundraising campaign to fight against the Australia Bushfire, where we donated our sales from our Charlye & Friends Mascot Drawing to World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-Australia), NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. (WIRES) and Australian Red Cross.

Charlye & Friends Mascot Drawing for Charlye & Co. fundraiser for Australian Bushfire

 Charlye & Friends Mascot Drawing

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for all of us. During Mental Health Month, Charlye & Co. hope to bring awareness and create a safer space for people experiencing mental health issues, especially during COVID-19. Hence, Charlye & Co., together with 4 other businesses, worked with Silent Conditions to raise $2250 for Silver Ribbon Singapore. Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is a Non-Profit Mental Health Organisation which seeks to combat mental health stigma. 

 Charlye & Co and business partners raising funds for Silver Ribbon Singapore during Mental Health Month

Charlye & Co. with our business partners fundraising for Silver Ribbon (Singapore)


Charlye & Co. is still at the beginning of our journey. It is only because of the support from our supporters that has allowed us to make it this far. While the future can be uncertain, our team is excited about the future of Charlye & Co. 

Charlye & Co. has potential to go far. I believe with the support of our customers and hardwork of our team, we will achieve greater things together. I hope that as Charlye & Co. grow, we can inspire and impact more people.

-Lihui, Co-Founder of Charlye & Co.

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