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International Women's Day

What does it mean to be a woman? This International Women’s Day, let’s explore this year theme of #EachforEqual

In my opinion, being a women means doing what you love and not letting anyone stop you.


Founder of Charlye & Co. International Women's Day



Why women empowerment? People always ask me. In the last hundred years, women rights have improved drastically. During the 1930s, my grandaunts were deprived of basic education. Today, I am a university student entrepreneur.


So why women empowerment? It is because we still have a long way to go. World Economic Forum estimates that it would take 100 years on average to achieve gender equality-- and it is not equal everywhere. In Asia, it will take 163 years to achieve this.


Narrowing the gender inequality will benefit countries worldwide. For instance, a report by McKinsey Global Institute states that increasing gender equality in Singapore's workforce could add S$26 billion to the country's GDP by 2025.


On a personal level, lives of women will improve too. Even in Singapore where gender equality is relatively better, I have seen too many times girls and women deprived of opportunities: mothers having to leave their jobs to raise children, young girls leaving STEM and sports due to lack of support and more. As a young girl, I have been at times told taking up sports would make me more masculine, and being a female CEO is a tough dream. During my high school or junior college days, I took up football, a sport where there is hardly any female supporters or players. I have friends and strangers tell me that I cannot play well because "girls are just not as good at sports as boys". In university, I was enrolled in a science degree where I occasionally hear people commenting "the boys are much better than girls at science." As a young entrepreneur, I have noticed that I am mostly surrounded by male entrepreneurs.


That is why Charlye & Co. is about inspiring and empowering young girls. I have seen too many times of girls stop pursuing their dream due to the lack of confidence. I have heard too many times of girls feeling insecure due to their outer appearance. I want girls to learn to love themselves and grow themselves into confidence women.


So as to why women empowerment, I just want to play a part in ending gender inequality, hoping that my actions can someday cause a ripple.


To all young girls reading this, go forth and do what you want to do.

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