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Interview with Republic Polytechnic: Small Business, Big Hearts

Miss Yee Lihui took a leap of faith to start Charlye & Co. in 2019. Apart from selling accessories, the brand aims to empower women through their 'Girls Unite' series, a showcase of talented women across all industries to inspire young girls everywhere.In their latest community effort, Charlye & Co. organised a fundraiser for its partnered benefiary, Food From the Heart, to commemorate Singapore's 55th National Day. They aimed to reach a goal of $10,000 in a month.

However, they only managed to raise 40% of their goal. "I wish I could raise more money for the cayse or provide more hands-on help to Food From the Heart", shared Miss Yee.

Despite this, Miss Yee was grateful for the experience nonetheless. Charlye & Co was also featured as an Engagement Advocate for the National Day Parade 2020. 

"I felt delighted that I was able to help the local community despite being a youth, I really appreciated 30 business partners for contributing to this fundraiser and appreciated NVPC's (National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre) help." she shared.

Charlye & Co. Ambassador Aina

Aina Ruzana has been a Charlye & Co. ambassador for a year. She owns five pairs of earrings from the brand, include one of her everyday favourites, Brown Rattan" (Photo by Aina Ruzana)

Apart from recognition from official organisation, Charlye & Co. had warmed the hearts of others, including Aina Ruzana Useri, a 19-year old Mass Communication student in RP who became Charlye & Co. brand ambassador in 2020.

"I thought that it was cool way for me to get involved and help out as well. And also I love earrings. I bought a couple from them before I became an ambassador as well, so I kind of knew the owner and I liked what the brand stands for, especially when they started doing the #GirlsUnite blog posts." she shared

The original article appeared in Republic Polytechnics' Newsletter in March 2021

Republic Polytechnic is an institution of higher learning in Singapore that have a community of over 14,000 students.

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