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Girls Unite

  • Girls Unite #7 : "An Eco-Blogger's Dreams for a Greener Singapore"

    Join us in conversation with Tammy Gan, a 21 year old eco-activist/'greenfluencer' who is passionate about spreading awareness about sustainability issues to the general public.
  • Girl Unite #6 "Empowering Youths Through Soft Skills"

    Soft Skills Education is important for everyone to succeed. That's why, Ho Zhi Hui, the Chief Operating Officier of Skilio, aims to do with her team at Skilio.  In today's article, we will be exploring the young talented Zhi Hui's entrepreneurial journey and how Skilio became what it is today.
  • Girl Unite #5 "Entrepreneurship in the eyes of a media influencer "

    Have you ever had dreams or ambitions that seem so grand that it is intimidating to embark on? Well, not for Vanessa Ho. As we listen to her story and motivations, we hope that this will inspire many young individuals to take their dreams to another level and pursue their passions fearlessly. 
  • Interview with Refuel: Making the celebration of women an everyday affair

    International Women's Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. In our special IWD2020 edition, we delve into the meaning behind this special day, and share the story of a lady who works to share the stories of other inspirational women
  • Girl Unite #4 "Achieving dreams as a Young Mother"

    Life has not always been a smooth journey for Syainda. Growing up, she had a rough childhood and faced discrimination due to her background. Despite her difficult circumstances, Syainda overcame her many life obstacles and is now a young lady full of dreams and ambition. In this issue of "Girl Unite", we will look into Syainda life and explore the journey that made her who she is today.
  • Girls Unite #3 "In Pursue of Sports and Medicine"

    A level results are coming out soon. What will university life entail for you? For some it might be exciting, for some it might be stressful, but regardless it is definitely a new chapter in your lives. Follow us on this issue of “Girls Unite” where we hear from Jo, a first-year medical student at the National University of Singapore and an enthusiastic student-athlete.
  • Girls Unite #2 "Singapore's Most Favourited Accessory Shop"

    To recognise the vibrant small business and the arts in Singapore, Curlery International started a series called "Singapore's Most Favourited", where we ask the public to nominate their favourite accounts to give recognition their fantastic work. After weeks of voting, Little Krafts emerge as the most popular accessory shop in Singapore. To learn more about the success of Little Krafts, for today's issue of "Girls Unite", we will be speaking to the founder of Little Krafts. 

  • Girl Unite #1 "Starting a Fashion Startup as a Student"

    Hello! Welcome to our first issue of the "Girls Unite" series. In this series, you will meet many incredible girls and ladies across different industries sharing their stories and giving advice.

    In this issue, we would like to introduce Beverly, a university student, banking intern and entrepreneur who specialises in fashion retail. She founded her online eCommerce "For Old Time Sake Co" where she designs and handmakes beautiful accessories using flowers and resin.