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Girl Unite #6 "Empowering Youths Through Soft Skills"

Soft Skills Education is important for everyone to succeed. That's why, Ho Zhi Hui, the Chief Operating Officier of Skilio, aims to do with her team at Skilio. Skilio is an Education Technology (EduTech) company based in Singapore that aims to promote soft skills development and empowers organisations to track soft skill development. In today's article, we will be exploring the young talented Zhi Hui's entrepreneurial journey and how Skilio became what it is today.

Empowering Youths through Soft Skills

Ho Zhi Hui, COO of Skilio. Credits: Zhi Hui's Linkedin

Currently a Psychology Undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, Zhi Hui's interest in soft skills started back even before university. During her internship at a youth training company, she was tasked to focus on skills coaching. Watching people and herself to grow, made Zhi Hui realised her purpose in soft skills development. 

"Living in Singapore, where there is a lack of resources, made me realised that human capital is really important. Hence, I believe it is really important to build and develop human capital through education. That is why I am passionate about soft skills development." says the bright 21-year-old.

" I believe it is really important to build and develop human capital through education. That is why I am passionate about soft skills development." -Zhi Hui

With the blooming passion in her, in her first year of university, she spreadhead the NUS Student Union Academy, which is a student-led organisation which engages student leaders of NUSSU for soft skills growth and development. During her time in university, she met her co-founder who was a fellow student who shares the same passion and vision for soft skilsl development. Together, they started Skilio. 

Skilio, a soft skills education technology startup based in Singapore

Skilio's Website. Credits: Skilio

As an eager learner, the psychology major is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow. Hence, she decided to seize the opportunity to attend an overseas internship programme called NUS Overseas College in Israel. Being in a new environment is scary but it made Zhi Hui open her eyes to a whole new world and gave her space to grow as a person. Through exchanges with her newly forged friendship with her colleagues and schoolmates, she was inspired by their grit and passion which motivated her to work hard.

Nothing is stopping this determined young women. Zhi Hui hopes to continue working on Skilio and bring it to greater heights. Even while working towards her goal, she also advises to spend time with loved ones and places great emphasis on her family.

As for the theme on women empowerment, Zhi Hui feels strongly towards this cause. "I believe that it is an extremely beautiful thing for girls to be confident." She believes that there are many opportunities are out there and encourages all girls to be confident and take up as many opportunities they can that arise.

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