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Girl Unite #5 "Entrepreneurship in the eyes of a media influencer "

Have you ever had dreams or ambitions that seem so grand that it is intimidating to embark on? Well, not for Vanessa Ho. As we listen to her story and motivations, we hope that this will inspire many young individuals to take their dreams to another level and pursue their passions fearlessly. 

Vanessa Ho, social media influencer and co-founder of Igloowear and Evrywear
Vanessa Ho, social media influencer and co-founder of Igloo Wear and Evrywear


As a young and talented woman, Vanessa Ho has been involved in the media industry since she was 15. Modelling, DJing, hosting and acting, Vanessa is no stranger to the media and entertainment industry. However, her ambitions stretch far beyond the media and entertainment industry. As an aspiring businesswoman, Vanessa is currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, taking on a double degree programme for Business and Communications. At present, she is also the Co-founder of Igloo Wear and Evrywear

Vanessa has always valued independence and ownership, traits which foreshadowed her success as an influencer and entrepreneur. Her first proudest moment was when she gained the trust of her aunt in allowing her to start the day-operations of her soybean store when she was 12. She saw that as her first break of independence, an experience that she holds close to her heart. Even as a young child, Vanessa has showcased her independence and strive for success, it is, therefore, no surprise when she grasped the opportunity to enter the media industry 3 years later. 

Her passion for the industry was discovered when she participated in a modelling competition, The New Paper New Face. Since then, she has found much joy starring in commercials and hosting events, where she finds the most opportunities in expressing herself freely. Her biggest breakthrough in the industry was in 2019, where she qualified for a finalist in the Star Search 2019 and signed to Mediacorp thereafter. 

Vanessa Ho at Star Search 2019

As a fearless and courageous individual, Vanessa has shone brightly in the media and entertainment industry. However, as with every success, there are bound to be challenges and obstacles that come along with it. For the very same reason she was applauded for being young and successful, there were some who doubted her capabilities and determination because of her young age. Yet time and time again, she manages to pull through and prove to others that age is merely a number and not an indicator of one’s abilities and skills. 

Nonetheless, there were also instances when she herself has doubted herself. Despite being seen as a confident and cheerful individual, constantly being in the eyes of the public may invite hurtful comments that can leave her vulnerable at times. How does she deal with it? “We have to realise that we will never be perfect for everyone, we need to learn to be comfortable with who we are and count our blessings.” This is the same advice she gives to anyone who may be experiencing similar issues with their body image and self-esteem. 

“We have to realise that we will never be perfect for everyone, we need to learn to be comfortable with who we are and count our blessings.”

-Vanessa Ho

Aside from catching the eyes of many through her involvement in the media industry, Vanessa definitely has an eye for holding onto business opportunities as well. As an aspiring business owner, Vanessa has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Being an undergraduate at National University of Singapore has provided her with numerous opportunities and peer support to develop her career and entrepreneurship. The culture of support residing within her environment greatly motivated her to take a leap towards her dreams, starting with Igloo Wear and Evrywear. 

Both Igloo Wear and Evrywear adopt the system of renting out affordable yet fashionable clothes in Singapore. Not only is this a sustainable practice in the long-term, but it also encourages youths to save money while looking their best. 


Screencapture of Igloowear Website by Vanessa Ho, Singapore social media influencer
Screencapture of Igloo Wear Website

Being a successful and inspiring individual did not come without its sacrifices - losing sleep and feeling “FOMO” every time she could not make it to a social gathering. These are only some of the sacrifices Vanessa had to make as she paved her way to where she is today. However, it is all worth it to Vanessa as every step she takes brings her one step closer to her dreams.

As an entrepreneur who has just begun on her journey, Vanessa dreams of one day expanding her business beyond the borders and into the global market. While being the successful young lady that she is, her motto in life is to never settle for anything less and to never be complacent. 


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