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Girls Unite #2 "Singapore's Most Favourited Accessory Shop"

To recognise the vibrant small business and the arts in Singapore, Curlery International started a series called "Singapore's Most Favourited", where we ask the public to nominate their favourite accounts to give recognition their fantastic work. Through this, we hope to widen people perceptive towards the arts and entrepreneurship scene in Singapore.

From November to December 2019, the theme was "Singapore's Most Favourited Accessory Shop". After weeks of voting, Little Krafts emerge as the most popular accessory shop in Singapore. Little Krafts creates handmade earring using polymer clay. Through their handmade crafts, they create unique gifts that have a personal touch; spreads joy and love to others, as well as help those that may need that dose of encouragement to tide through tough times. Little Krafts has amassed a following of over 3000 as of date.



To learn more about the success of Little Krafts, for today's issue of "Girls Unite", we will be speaking to the founder of Little Krafts.


Q: Hello, it is an honour to have you on our second issue of “Girl’s Unite”. Congratulations on being “Singapore’s Most Favourited Accessory Shop”. For our readers who don’t know you, could you introduce yourself?

A: Hi everyone! My name is Andrea and I’m the founder as well as designer/maker for Little Krafts!


Q: Little Krafts is an accessory shop that sells beautiful earrings, through an instagram page with over 3 thousand followers. What inspired you to run Little Krafts?

A: Encouragement and appreciation from others is what inspires me to run little Krafts. This is what I would like for others to do as well, as words of encouragement can go a long way. I believe that these are good seeds that can be planted in people's lives, whether or not they may need it at that point of their lives. Speaking from my personal experience - when I was at one of my lowest points in life, unsure of what I should do and feeling like there was no direction that I was heading towards - my friends and family supported me by simply being there for me, telling me not to give up, reminding me that I didn’t come so far for nothing and that there was a greater purpose for me to be where I was at. Had I given up then, none of this would have happened today and I wouldn’t have had the determination to continue running Little Krafts. In fact, it was only only after tremendous support from my friends and loved ones that I decided to give it a shot by trying out different skills that I could get my hands on. Hopefully this would be an inspiration to someone out there reading this!


Q: What are some of your goals for your shop?

A: To be able to have a retail storefront eventually. It has always been on my mind to be able to own a retail-cafe, as I’ve always enjoyed baking and crafting, as well as creating a space where people can come together to create and innovate. This concept would be my dream goals to achieve for Little Krafts.


Q: Every business has its up and downs, what are some of the greatest challenges you have faced while running your business?

A: One of the greatest challenges that I’ve faced during the span of 3 years is actually fighting for my business instead of holding a full time job. Being brought up in Singapore, there are many expectations that parents would expect of us, one main expectation being that we need to get a degree and hold a full time job (at least something with passive income) to be considered “successful”. This was something I had to fight for to achieve and it wasn’t an easy journey getting here today.


Q: In your 3 years of running Little Krafts, what are some of the proudest moments of your running your business?

A: This would be when customers noticed my brand and kept coming back to support. Without the encouragement given by them, Little Krafts wouldn’t have come so far. Also, just looking at photos of my booth from 2016 till now, the changes in display and quantity of products really makes me proud as I never would’ve imagined getting this far. Lastly, I’m thankful for being able stock my products at 5 different retail outlets in 2019; this feels like I am taking a step closer to owning my own retail space.


Q: As an entrepreneur and a fashion enthusiast yourself, how do you feel about the entrepreneural and fashion retail scene in Singapore?  

A: There are many budding entrepreneurs and that’s amazing! It’s great seeing how so many people are moving towards owning their businesses and the industry is really expanding at quite a rapid pace. There’s an increase in local brands over the years and everyone is just coming together to support one another.


Q: How do you manage your time while having a job and running Little Krafts?

A: I worked part time as a designer previously, so during my spare time I'll work on my crafts, including weekends so as to maximise the amount of time I have.


Q: Do you have any advice for fellow Singaporeans who are looking into starting their own business?

A: Whatever dreams you may have, just go for it with courage. It may seem scary at first, but take that leap of faith and trust in the process, your passion is what will bring you to where you want to be. Don't let all the "what if’s" deter you from pursuing your dreams, you'll never know how far you can go without trying. (:



Thank you Andrea for sharing your story. To learn more about her business, Little Krafts, you can visit her website at


This interview was edited for clarity by Curlery International.


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