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Charlye's Ambassadors

Who says you have to look like Kylie Jenner or Zendaya to be a fashion ambassador?

Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and we want to celebrate the beauty of each and everyone of you.

If you want to showcase your uniqueness and illuminate the world with your own glow, join the #charlyefamily today! ❤︎ 

Our Current Ambassadors


Kirah is a everyday girl but she is far from ordinary and truly special in her own way. She is a nursing student who love travelling, fashion, modelling and venturing out her comfort zone.

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A girl who loves to look pretty in the most simplest way is Eileen, Our Curlery Ambassador. She has passion for dance and accessories plays a part in her life.

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An aspiring writer is what Alicia is. Like any other girls, she has many hobbies. She loves reading books, watching animes and collecting albums. In the age where there is a increase concern for climate change, Alicia has gotten into upcycling, which is a practice of giving life and new purpose to old items

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She is someone who has a strong interest in fashion and makeup! She has a strong passion for working with others. Despite going through one of her tough phases in her life, she want to be able to inspire people around me with positivity and courage.

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Li Han

"I really love spreading love and positivity into the society and one of the ways curlery does that is by embracing the beauty of everyone which gives each and everyone the confidence we never know we needed or had

Beauty isn’t defined and we should give compliments even to stranger if you like their outfit for example because it can rlly be memorable to them as they might be trying a new style"


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She is someone that has a strong interest in fashion. Apart from fashion, she is involved in sports. She loves play netball in her free time and is one of her favourite hobby since 7 years old. One of her goal is to inspire people around her.

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Just an ordinary person trying to make a difference in life, she is an advocate for mental health - hoping to get rid of the stigma and make the community more open to talking about it. As a believer of "less is more" and her style reflects that - with minimal accessories and simple outfit.

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Charlye's Ambassadors